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Our experienced chiropractors at Village Chiropractic give performance counseling to both highly trained elite athletes as well as average individuals looking to better their fitness levels. Whether it is physical performance or cognitive performance we have the knowledge to give you the edge. A well rounded and balanced fitness level allows all our patients to strive for and achieve optimal performance both mentally and physically at all stages of life.

Athletic performance cases are assessed on a case by case basis at Village Chiropractic. If you are concerned with inadequate performance issues in your sport, our specialized medical backgrounds can get you back on track.

Mental performance can also be improved and in fact, mental and physical performance, are often linked to each other. Let our highly trained experts help you to achieve 100% of your potential!


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Weight Management

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Village Chiropractic welcomes students, faculty and staff from the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus, we're steps away on Kingston Rd. Check out our student fees which are covered 100% by your university health plan.

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