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Poor nutrition is rapidly becoming one of North America’s leading health concerns, particularly if we consider the prevalence of obesity and the related rising incidence of late onset diabetes. Although the food we eat nourishes our body and provides us with the energy we need each day, improper nutrition will affect all body systems and can result in numerous health concerns. From the prenatal and early childhood years through adolescence and later life, nutritional needs change and a healthy balanced diet remains equally important to ensure normal and healthy body functions throughout life. At Village Chiropractic we understand that healthy eating is very important to good health and is essential initially to promote normal growth and development and then to maintain strength and vitality as adults and into our senior years. Our doctors can help you find the balance you need in your diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Health Canada plays an important role in nutrition and healthy living, having provided national leadership in nutrition since the 1930's. Working with federal, provincial and territorial partners, the department develops and implements evidence-based policies that define healthy eating and promote environments that help Canadians make healthy food choices. They are also recognized as an authoritative source of nutrition information. Their website contains any information you may want on this topic. Their site and more health information can be accessed here.


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Weight Management

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