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Your spine has a very important function in your body. Not only does it support your body's weight, it also protects your spinal cord, which is the “central highway” of your nervous system. Our ability to walk, run, jump, lift and feel almost every sensation below our neck requires a healthy spine.

The bones in your back, called the vertebrae, are connected by cartilage and work together in a very specific way. When everything is working well, your muscles and nerve activities are balanced and your spine remains well aligned, strong and flexible. The stress of daily living, muscle or nerve injuries or trauma due to work related or sports related activities can cause the development of muscle/nerve imbalances which can alter the normal functioning of the boney spine or nerves of the spinal cord. These altered muscle or nerve activities will then affect your range of motion and your ability to finely control body movements which are so important in the performance of all job or athletic activities. In this way, altered neuromuscular control of body movements can cause changes in the motion and alignment of your spine which in turn can produce pain by putting pressure on the different joints, muscles and nerves along your spinal column.

Chiropractors understand how to relieve this pain. They are specially trained to find the source of your back pain or any pain involving the neuromuscular and skeletal systems. They will assess the problem and treat it appropriately to restore and enhance normal body functions.

Chiropractic joint manipulation, or adjustment, is a treatment in which the chiropractor uses his or her hands to apply a very quick, precise and safe amount of pressure directly on the problem area of your spine. Similar manipulations of other joints (knee, ankle, shoulder, etc.) are also performed to treat neuromuscular problems in other body regions. This pressure slightly separates the joints, allowing a gas bubble to escape (this is the popping or cracking sound you may have heard about). This relieves the pressure on the joint and surrounding nerves, and most importantly, allows muscles and nerves to function normally and optimally. The adjustment is not painful, and often provides immediate relief of your pain.


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Village Chiropractic welcomes students, faculty and staff from the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus, we're steps away on Kingston Rd. Check out our student fees which are covered 100% by your university health plan.


Village Chiropractic in Scarborough offers computerized gait assessment and custom made orthotics.

Chiropractic Orthotics


Village Chiropractic provides massage therapy as a treatment in conjunction to chiropractic care and as a stand alone service to our patients.

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