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At Village Chiropractic we specialize in custom made orthotic inserts and orthotic footwear, made specific to your needs. Our Doctors are trained in the latest computerized gait scan technology to accurately assess your gait and effectively prescribe your orthotics.

Orthotics are proven to correct common mechanical foot problems, such as flat feet and plantar fasciitis, and provide relief for many forms of foot, leg and back pain.

Orthotics are orthopedic devices designed to treat or adjust various biomechanical foot disorders. They may be simple, commercially made devices, such as cushioned heel cups or insoles for shoes. These are sold over-the-counter in drug stores or other retail establishments. The best orthotics, however, are custom-tailored devices specifically crafted to meet the needs of a particular individual such as those prepared by Village Chiropractic.

Types of Orthotics

In general, podiatrists group orthotics into four broad categories.

  • Functional orthotics incorporate special wedges to adjust the heel or forefoot, correcting defects in the arch that cause poor shock absorption, such as excessive pronation (flattening of the arch) or supination (an arch that is too high).
  • Weight-dispersive or accommodative orthotics typically feature padding designed to relieve pain caused by excessive pressure on the metatarsal heads. Other accommodative orthotics are designed to treat pain and pressure on the sesamoid bones, collapsed tarsal bones, sores and chronically inflamed toes.
  • Supportive orthotics are arch supports usually prescribed to treat problems of the plantar arch.
  • Early childhood orthotics are special devices designed to correct biomechanical walking problems identified in young children. They include splints, gait plates and night bars - devices used to hold a child's feet and legs at a proper angle while sleeping, thus promoting corrective adjustment for excessive toe-in or toe-out walking.

Who Should Use an Orthotic?

Because perfect feet are very rare, almost anyone can benefit from orthotics. They can prevent and alleviate many of the common foot complications that cause discomfort in otherwise healthy people. Our Chiropractors do a complete foot and leg examination combined with a detailed gait scan analysis to prescribe the proper amount of correction.

Almost anyone can achieve some benefit from an orthotic. There are several common symptoms that may indicate misalignment or biomechanical problems of the feet. You may be a candidate for orthotics if:

  • one side of the sole of your shoe wears out faster than the other;
  • you frequently sprain your ankle;
  • you have chronic foot, leg, knee or lower back pain;
  • you have low arches (flat feet);
  • your shins hurt;
  • your toes are not straight;
  • your feet point inward or excessively outward when you walk; or
  • your feet fatigue easily


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Village Chiropractic in Scarborough offers computerized gait assessment and custom made orthotics.

Chiropractic Orthotics


Village Chiropractic provides massage therapy as a treatment in conjunction to chiropractic care and as a stand alone service to our patients.

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