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Below are links of interest and that are provided throughout www.villagechiro.ca. There are numerous types, ranging from links to professional associations where you can acquire information regarding standards of practice and practice regulations to links to health information sites where you can attain specific information about any health problem you may be interested in. Each link has a connection to Village Chiropractic.


Canadian Chiropractic Association
Ontario Chiropractic Association
Canadian Chiropractic Memorial College - Department of Anatomy
Canadian Association for Anatomy, Neurobiology and Cell Biology


University of Toronto
University of Toronto Scarborough Campus
McMaster University
University of Guelph

Public Health Information:

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Supportive Therapy
Athletes and Alcoholism
Athletes and Drug Addiction
Christian Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs: What to Expect
How to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories
Alcohol Rehab Help
Chronic Pain
Mesothelioma Hope
Alcohol Rehab Help
Holistic Addiction Treatment
Addiction Group
Understanding Opioid Addiction
Health Canada
Closed Head Injury
Drug Alert
Drug Dangers
Nursing Home Abuse Guide
Nursing Home Abuse Center
Consumer Dangers
Consumer Safety Guide
Cocaine Addiction & Treatment
Cocaine Health Effects
Vision Center


Highland Creek Community Association
Highland Creek Heritage Festival
About Highland Creek - Wikipedia
Stand Up Scarborough - Celebrating our Community
South Riverdale Community Health Centre


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Village Chiropractic welcomes students, faculty and staff from the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus, we're steps away on Kingston Rd. Check out our student fees which are covered 100% by your university health plan.


Village Chiropractic in Scarborough offers computerized gait assessment and custom made orthotics.

Chiropractic Orthotics


Village Chiropractic provides massage therapy as a treatment in conjunction to chiropractic care and as a stand alone service to our patients.

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